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Forty promising African early career scientists selected


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AAS Affiliates at a meeting on interdisciplinary research towards tackling the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, Oxford, UK, August 2018.

Forty promising African early career scientists selected

Forty African early career scientists, who have demonstrated excellence in the development and application of science in Africa, were competitively selected to become Affiliate members of the AAS from 2020-2024.

This fifth cohort of Affiliates will receive professional development support in grant writing, publishing, science communication, ethical conduct of research, intellectual property issues, collaborative research, scientific leadership and entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking.

Since 2015, the AAS has employed a rigorous nomination and review process to recognize high-achieving post-PhD researchers on the African continent. This is in line with the overall mandate of the Academy to build a critical mass of thriving and impactful science leaders in Africa.

Following changes to the Affiliates programme in early 2019 to increase annual membership numbers and ensure diversity, the 2019 Call for Affiliates attracted over 300 highly competitive applicants from where a diverse cohort of 40 Affiliates has been selected.

The 40 early career researchers join an existing network of 87 Affiliates drawn from various African countries, across several scientific disciplines. AAS Affiliates are zealous researchers who strengthen and build the scientific community by being innovators, reviewers, supervisors, mentors, lecturers, volunteers, policy advisors, and members of professional associations.

By recognizing emerging scientists who demonstrate excellence in their work, the AAS seeks to create a platform through which younger researchers are motivated to pursue a rewarding career in science. Ultimately, the Affiliates programme seeks to produce all-rounded scientists embodying the AAS’ values of excellence, empathy, diversity and integrity.

Dr Judy Omumbo, Programme Manager, Affiliates and Postdoctoral Programmes, says, “It is exciting to witness the growing recognition of science in Africa’s development agenda. The continent’s best early career researchers are well placed to develop the research and innovations that will ensure future sustainable lives and economies for Africa’s citizens. The AAS Affiliates programme is developing a truly pan-African and vibrant community of practice in science for Africa’s policy agenda and we are delighted to see the fifth cohort of AAS Affiliates join over 80 colleagues in this effort.”


The fifth cohort of AAS Affiliates are: 

Agricultural & Nutrition Sciences

  1. Laura Estelle Yêyinou, Beninese
  2. Reham Abo-Shnaf, Egyptian
  3. Michael Chipeta, Malawian
  4. Adeyemi Aremu, Nigerian
  5. Stella Kabiri-Marial, Ugandan
  6. Felicitas Mukumbo, Zambian


  1. Tonjock Kinge, Cameroonian
  2. Lydia Mosi, Ghanaian
  3. Yaw Bediako, Ghanaian
  4. Julien Bi Zahouli, Ivorian
  5. Benard Kulohoma, Kenyan
  6. Enitome Bafor, Nigerian
  7. Kolapo Oyebola, Nigerian
  8. Aida Badiane, Senegalese
  9. Gavin Rishworth, South African
  10. Victor Muposhi, Zimbabwean

Chemical Sciences

  1. Nicholas Musyoka, Kenyan
  2. Nowsheen Goonoo, Mauritian
  3. Philiswa Nomngongo, South African

Cultural Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences

  1. Jude Kimengsi, Cameroonian
  2. Beatrice Kengne, Cameroonian
  3. Ebenezer Amankwaa, Ghanaian
  4. Nelson Zavale, Mozambican
  5. Helena Shillomboleni, Namibian

Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences

  1. Jean Noel Yankwa, Cameroonian
  2. Lobna Said, Egyptian
  3. Mohamed Ahmed, Egyptian
  4. Miora Ramanakoto, Malagasy
  5. Isaac Akinwumi, Nigerian

Geological, Environmental, Earth & Space Sciences

  1. Jessica Thorn, Namibian
  2. Anthony Egeru, Ugandan
  3. Shakespear Mudombi, Zimbabwean

Mathematical Sciences

  1. Sara Abdelsalam, Egyptian

Medical & Health Sciences

  1. Amin Hassan, Kenyan
  2. Barbara Burmen, Kenyan
  3. Niaina Rakotosamimanana, Malagasy
  4. Lenine Liebenberg, South African
  5. Veron Ramsuran, South African

Physical Sciences

  1. Zebib Nuru, Ethiopian
  2. Edem Mahu, Ghanaian


For more information on the fifth cohort visit the Affiliates page to access their full bios.