Abdoulaye Diabate

Abdoulaye Diabate was elected as an AAS Fellow in 2020. As a fellow, Abdoulaye Diabate contributes to the development of the Academy’s strategic direction through participation in AAS activities and governance structures. . This gears the Academys vision of transforming african lives through science.

Burkina Faso
Year elected

Diabate Abdoulaye is a vector ecologist. He owned a PhD degree from the University of Montpellier, France and spent 4 years as a postdoc fellow at NIH in the US. His research activities proceed along with two different but complementary directions. First, it involves insecticide resistance and its management and second, it is focused on population biology, ecological studies on phenotypic variation within and between populations of mosquitoes and analyses of its genetic and environmental sources. He is particularly interested in mosquito male biology and related transgenic and sterile male approaches to control vector diseases. He has been an invited speaker in several prestigious universities including the Harvard University and has given inspirational talks at the Grand Challenges annual conference in London 2016 and in Addis Ababa 2019. He is the recipient of the Royal Society Pfizer award in 2013, the PAMCA life achievement Award in 2019 and the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize in February 2020. He was awarded the Grand Challenges Star in global Health grant, the MRC/DFID African Leader Scheme grant and recently the prestigious Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award in Science. Currently he is the group lead of the Vector Biology Department at IRSS, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, the country lead of the project Target Malaria and the Director of the World Bank and the AAU funded center of excellence on vector borne diseases ITECH-MTV