Kongming Wu

Kongming Wu was elected as an AAS Fellow in 2020. As a fellow, Kongming Wu contributes to the development of the Academy’s strategic direction through participation in AAS activities and governance structures. . This gears the Academys vision of transforming african lives through science.

Year elected
Agricultural & Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Wu graduated with his bachelor degree from Henan Agricultural University in 1984. In 1987, he received his Master degree from Zhejiang Agricultural University. From 1987 to 1992, he worked as a researcher in Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In 1994, he obtained his PhD from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and then he worked for the Institute of Plant Protection of CAAS as an associate professor / professor (1994-2002) and later as director general / professor (2003-2011). During 2012-2021, he took the position of the vice President of CAAS, and was appointed President of CAAS in late 2021. Dr. Wu’s research focuses on population ecology and management of insect pest. Having published more than 300 papers in the referred journals, including Nature and Science, Dr. Wu can be considered as one of the most productive entomologists in the world. He has made significant academic contributions to the field of agricultural entomology, especially in the research areas of population monitoring and integrated management for several important pests worldwide, such as cotton bollworm, plant bug and fall armyworm. His scientific findings have not only contributed to academics, but also made significant impacts on pest management in crop production. The integrated pest management strategies developed by his lab, in applying the principles of agro-ecology and moving towards the concept of a sustainable agriculture, have been widely used for insect pest management in Chinese agricultural system, which plays very important roles in reducing the utilisation of insecticides and farming risk and improving economic output of these crops. Dr. Wu sits on numerous academic organisations and professional panels and committees, including the vice chair of the Global Fall Armyworm Steering Committee of FAO, chair of Plant Protection Expert committees of China, and honorary president of China Society of Plant Protection.