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The African Academy of Sciences’ goal is to ensure that its employees observe the highest standards of ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities, practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. All employees are bound to the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, and are urged to report violations or suspected violations of the Code, and/or other possible legal and ethical lapses. If you suspect a violation, you can communicate it anonymously:
0800-221-371 (Kenya Toll Free) 
0800-113-215 (Uganda Toll Free) 
1-227-8919 (Lagos (Nigeria) Toll Free) 
080-098-0167 (South Africa Toll Free) 
0800-000-9884 (Egypt Toll Free) 
1-604-922-5953 (All other parts of Africa Collect Call)

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