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Transfer of Grant and Equipment Policy

Transfer of Grant and Equipment Policy



Occasionally a grant holder may change departments or institution and would like to take their grant with them.  This policy provides

Policy Statement

  • AAS prior approval is required for the transfer of the legal and administrative responsibility for an AAS grant-supported project, activity or equipment from one legal entity to another before the expiration date of the approved project period.
  • AAS grant holders are expected to make full disclosure of any impending transfers and work within the confines of this policy.


a) Transfer of a grant to a new institution

  • Consideration may be given to transferring the grant holder status to a new institution if there are scientific or other reasons to support the transfer to the new institution.
  • AAS will facilitate a transfer of the grant and the assignment of remaining unobligated funds to the grant holder’s new institution.
  • Submission of the signed undertakings form constitutes agreement by the new institution to assume responsibility for completion of the project. 

b) Transfer of grants to a new grant holder at the same institution

  • Consideration may be given to transferring the grant holder status to an eligible co-grant holder should a grant holder move to an ineligible institution or where the grant holder leaves the institution and there are scientific or other reasons for the grant to remain at the institution.
  • In this case, substitute grant holder within the same institution will be nominated and grant transferred after due process.

c) Transfer of grants between departments within the same institution

  • A grant is allowed to be transferred from one department to another provided the host institution for the grant remains the same. 

d) Transfer of Equipment

  • Equipment purchased with AAS funds for use in a specific project should remain available for use for the duration of the project.
  • Grant holders who are in the midst of projects that included funding for equipment and who will continue the project at a new institution should be able to arrange with their original institution to have the equipment transferred with them. 
  • Transfer of equipment to a new institution should be approved by the AAS.

e) Supplementation

  • The AAS does not provide supplementary funds to cover any additional costs that may be incurred as a result of relocating to a new institution (e.g. removal costs, location enhancement allowances). Such costs should be met from within the grant.

f) Bridging Support

  • bridging support can be provided to the new institution out of existing funds in special circumstances where there are sufficient funds available.