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Scientific Citizenship Policy

Scientific Citizenship Policy



This policy serves to support scientists to serve the best interests of the wider community within which they live and work by actively pursuing meaningful collaborations with other scientists, scientific institutions and the public or society as a means of making their work known and understood by society.

Policy Statement 

  • AAS is committed to fruitful public engagement with the aim to raise awareness seek perspectives, understanding and appreciation of science among the public.
  • Each scientific research proposal must develop a separate activity to place the work within a societal, historical and cultural context.
  • The role of science in the daily life of everyone must be considered when planning the research and a thorough plan on how the work will be communicated to non-scientists and even scientists who are not in that specific field developed.
  • The expectation is that those researchers who receive AAS funding or funding from our local and global partners will help foster an informed public climate within which biomedical science can flourish.


Every applicant must be required to provide an outline of their public engagement plans, if any, and to state how the host institution will support these plans. Requirements for Public Engagement (PE) will included in the Call for proposals where applicable.  In other cases, the details should be captured into a separate Public Engagement Plan (PE Plan) template.