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Materials and Consumables Policy

Materials and Consumables Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that science projects funded by AAS have got adequate materials and consumables to successfully deliver on their proposed goals.

Policy Statement

Consumable supplies must be safeguarded and managed in order to prevent excessive spending and loss.

  • The AAS will meet the directly incurred costs of materials and consumables required to carry out the proposed research, including:
  • Laboratory chemicals and materials (e.g. reagents, isotopes, peptides, enzymes, antibodies, gases, proteins, cell/tissue/bacterial culture, plasticware and glassware);
  • Materials needed for clinical studies and field work
  • Associated charges for shipping, delivery and freight.
  • Projected costs should be embedded within the submitted budget in the grant application as direct costs.


  • All requests must be itemised and scientifically justified.
  • A breakdown of costs should be provided.
  • Costs should be quoted exclusive of VAT or other purchase taxes, unless zero-rating cannot be obtained.