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Zebib Nuru

Affiliateship: 2020-2024

Cohort 5

Country (Nationality)



Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences


Zebib has been working in the field of nanocoatings for solar energy applications for nine years. Her research expertise includes synthesis, characterization and applications of selective solar absorbers. Zebib received her PhD degree in physics from University of the Western Cape, South Africa in 2014.  She was a postdoctoral fellow at University of South Africa (UNISA) and iThemba LABS, National Research Foundation through the UNESCO -UNISA Africa Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for five years.  She has published more than 50 high impact scientific papers in peer reviewed journals and more than 30 research papers presented in various international conferences. Currently Zebib is an associate Professor at Adigrat University (ADU) in Ethiopia. Prof Zebib is also a Future Leader African Independent Research (FLAIR) fellow funded by Royal Society-UK at UNISA and ADU.  She was awarded from the OWSD, US -Africa Materials Initiative, TRIL programme for training and research in Italian Laboratories, Coimbra Group Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africa, L'Oreal-UNESCO Regional Sub-Saharan Africa, and the TWAS-UNESCO research grant. Prof Zebib is also a Lindau Nobel laureate meeting alumnus, and member of the international Solar Energy Society among others. She has established international collaborators in various countries mainly in South Africa, UK, US, and Canada. Prof Zebib specialized in optics, nanomaterials, thin films, multilayers, and selective solar absorbers.