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Taiwan, vaccines, Africa preparedness


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(courtesy: BBC, The Evidence, 15 Apr 2020)

Taiwan, vaccines, Africa preparedness

(courtesy: BBC, The Evidence, 15 Apr 2020)

Coronavirus: The Evidence

Claudia Hammond and a panel of international experts discuss the latest research into Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus which is sweeping through the world.

The Evidence looks at what we know about the virus and the immune system, why does it cause mild or even no symptoms in some people but makes others very ill?

And as the disease is now pandemic, is there less stigma?

On the panel are Professor Vivek Jha, the Executive Director of George Institute for Global Health India, Dr Christos Lynteris a medical anthropologist from The University of St. Andrews and Dr Lindsay Broadbent, a virologist from Queens University Belfast.

The Evidence is made in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond
Producer: Geraldine Fitzgerald

(Photo: People taking precautions by wearing masks, New Delhi, India. Credit: Amal KS/Hindustan Times/Getty Images)

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