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AESA’s Journey to 2021 and Beyond


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AESA’s Journey to 2021 and Beyond

It would be an understatement to say that the year 2020 was a challenging one. Locally and globally, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived like a speeding train, devouring our well-established patterns of existence. Millions of lives have been lost, livelihoods have been devastated by economic paralysis, and our normal chores and routines of work, family and community have been upended by this pandemic. However, throughout history and for the umpteenth time, science will again trump disease, and as we enter 2021, there is light at the end of the tunnel through the discovery of COVID vaccines now being rolled out in many countries.

We hope that the big powers and companies with the resources and infrastructure to manufacture these vaccines will embrace equitable global vaccine allocation, and that Africa will not be at the tail end of immunization queues. Global availability of vaccines will transform the very nature of existence in 2021 and beyond, a new tool in our pandemic toolkit, the shots in our arms, literally and figuratively, that will save lives, livelihoods and economies; but it is a waiting game for Africa so in the meantime, we must continue to steadfastly advocate safe health protocols of wearing masks, social distancing and hygiene.

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