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Sandra Akukpoga Atindana

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Research Topic: Investigation into the possible effects of climate variability on benthic macro invertebrates species and the perception of local people on biodiversity of fish in a lagoon in the central region of Ghana.

Grantee Description

Fellowship Category: Post-Masters        

Nationality: Ghanaian   

Home Institution: University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana     

Mentor at Home Institution: Dr Joseph Amikuzuno

Host Institution: University Of Ibadan, Nigeria   

Supervisor at Host Institution: Prof O Fagbola

CVF Atindana’s research area is climate variability, biodiversity conservation and ecological health of aquatic systems. Her research will assess the ecological health of a lagoon through the presence or absence of benthic macro invertebrate species and the effects of varying climate on biotic indices of the species. Her study is expected to provide information on physical and chemical properties of the lagoon; identify anthropogenic and natural sources of degradation, if any, in the waterbody; produce a checklist of the various macro invertebrate communities in the lagoon; know the ecological status of the water; classify the fish in the lagoon into endangered, critically endangered and threatened; and identify factors that results in changes in breeding season, wide variations in fish growth and taste.