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Rufus Akinyemi

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Grantee Title

Project Title: African Innovative Genetics of Vascular Cognitive Impairment Study

Grantee Description

Host Organisation: University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Memory difficulties and dementia are huge problems affecting many people in our world today with a lot of personal, social and economic implications. By the year 2050, nearly 75 million people worldwide will be living with dementia, majority of whom will be in developing countries including those of Africa. Stroke is a leading cause of dementia and it has been projected that 1 out of every 3 persons over a lifetime will develop either a stroke or dementia or both. This portends great danger particularly for the African continent where the highest rates of stroke have been reported in recent times, and people of African descent are particularly prone to worse outcomes, including memory problems which may be due to factors in our genes or in our environment. But very little is yet known about how genes contribute to the evolution of memory problems following stroke. The goal of my research is to discover new genes that contribute to the development of memory problems related to stroke, particularly in people of African origin. We also want to strengthen our capacity and acquire necessary equipment that will enable us domesticate the special type of genomic analysis required to make these novel discoveries in Africa. Knowing these genes and how they work will help scientists develop new methods of detecting memory problems early, develop new treatments and better strategies to prevent them. This research will make a difference to the lives of people of Africa and indeed the entire world.