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Rettie, Fasil Mequanint

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Areas of research interest: Urban Waste Management; Climate Change

Grantee Description

Home Institution Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Ethiopia

Host Institution Makerere University, Department of Geography, Geo-Information and Climatic Sciences, Uganda


Summary of research

Agriculture is highly sensitive to climatic parameters and numerous studies show that Africa will be highly affected by long-term climate changes, mostly in a negative manner, and adaptation is required. Despite a number of limitations to be clearly understood, the value of the application of climate prediction in agriculture under current and future climates is evident.  With the availability of climate predictions produced by several global climate models (GCMs), in the past decade, multi-model ensemble (MME) techniques have been developed to improve the accuracy in seasonal predictions by reducing uncertainties associated with individual models. The main purpose of this study is, therefore, to contribute to understanding of the potential use of seasonal forecasts downscaled from a GCM and improving the current seasonal precipitation forecast system.