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Dr Jubril Afusat Jagun

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Areas of research interest: Environmental toxicology, Veterinary Pathology, Ecotoxicity in fish.

Grantee Description

Home Institution University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Host Institution University of Nairobi, Kenya



Summary of research 

Pollution of environment has been a serious global anthropogenic threat to biodiversity and ecosystems, which could impede the adaptation of exposed species to the effects of climate change. A research on the effect of climate change is of optimal importance in understanding the adaptation of species to their natural environment. There would be scientific publications on the level and components of endocrine disrupting chemical pollutants and its associated pathology as well as its effect on adaptation to global warming using Tilapia as a model. One intended outcome of the study is that Tilapia can be used as sentinel species to determine the choice of urban water to be used for fishing and other agricultural practices. Such information would be relevant to public health professionals as well as agriculturist/fish farmers.