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Ms Chinokwetu Varaidzo

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Areas of research interest: Climate Change Adaptation, Environmental Sustainability, Policy and Livelihoods

Grantee Description

Home Institution Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe

Host Institution University of South Africa, South Africa


Summary of research 

Climate change poses major threats to vulnerable households and communities relying on rain fed agricultural production, and climate sensitive livelihoods especially in semi-arid tropics. An understanding of how these communities perceive and manage climate-related shocks and stressors is needed in order to improve the designing and/or implementation of appropriate and effective support systems. It has been acknowledged that effective policies for sustainable climate change adaptation and food security can only be made if the adaptation processes of farmers at the local level are taken into consideration. Perceptions of climate change are translated into the livelihoods decision-making processes. The households live within varied social and economic factors that influence the immediate adaptation options. An interrogation of the adaptation environment of the farmers will point to what matters to them and ways can be explored to strengthen the adaptation strategies and the creation of a conducive adaptation environment.mate change.