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Jessica Thorn

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African Women in Climate Change fellowship

Grantee Description

Jessica is a Namibian ecologist with a background in human geography, and a research associate at the University of York, University of Nairobi, and African Conservation Centre. She also holds an African Women in Climate Change fellowship at the African Climate and Development Initiative.

She uses probabilistic social-ecological modelling and scenario analysis to measure impacts of development on land use change. Jessica has been involved in various ESRC, NSF, NERC, NRF, DFID, CGAIR, IDRC, and USAID funded projects, conducting field research in nine countries. Professional activities have been affiliated with UNEP, UNISDR, Conservation International, WWF, CCAFS, CIFOR, Kew, Cambridge, LSE, and Brown University. She completed her BSo CSci(Hons) at UCT, MSc and DPhil at Oxford, and postdoctoral studies at Colorado State University and ETH Zurich.