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Sally Griffin

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Testing an intervention to strengthen male involvement in maternal healthcare

Grantee Description

ICRH-Mozambique aims to increase the involvement of men in maternal health, by testing a gender- and culture-sensitive intervention that has been developed based on prior formative research. Male involvement in maternal healthcare has been shown to be important for improving maternal and newborn outcomes, however current interventions in Mozambique have had limited success in engaging men and can reinforce gender inequality. The project intervention consists of introducing couple antenatal care (ANC) consultations during pregnancy, together with community mobilization activities using a film produced with local communities. By training providers and implementing couple consultations at a separate time from regular ANC consultations, we expect to remove existing barriers for male involvement, and improve maternal and neonatal outcomes. The project will take place in Marracuene district in southern Mozambique, in collaboration with the Maputo Provincial Health Department, the University of Ghent in Belgium and Aguacheiro.