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Grantees Profile

Carol Hlela

Country (Nationality)

South Africa

Grantee Title

Project- Advanced, wireless biosensors with built-in clinical decision support for critical care monitoring in hospitalized newborns.

Grantee Description

In monitoring of sick newborns, vital signs monitoring equipment is essential. The traditional wired monitors require strong adhesives that frequently cause iatrogenic skin injuries and impede Kangaroo care, and the information displayed requires high levels of training to interpret correctly. ANNETM is a novel wireless vital sign monitoring system, designed explicitly for neonates, that leverages two software-linked patches that are soft and wearable. These are placed on the child’s chest and hand/foot to monitor a wide range of vital signals (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and pulse oximetry, body position, and cuff-less continuous blood pressure), on a wide range of mobile devices. With the use of ANNETM , the study aims to simplify the current system and achieve better hospital care of sick newborns in low resource settings.