Wandiga Shem Oyoo

Wandiga Shem Oyoo was elected as an AAS Fellow in 2005. As a fellow, Wandiga Shem Oyoo contributes to the development of the Academy’s strategic direction through participation in AAS activities and governance structures. . This gears the Academys vision of transforming african lives through science.

Year elected
Chemical Sciences

Prof Wandiga obtained his BSc from Howard University in 1967, M.Sc. in January 1972 from the University of Maryland and PhD in June 1972 from the Case Western Reserve University (USA). He then joined the staff of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Nairobi and rose the ranks to become Professor in 1984. His research interests include the design, synthesis and characterization of metal chalets which have apparent utility as chemotherapeutic agents and as models for metal binding dynamics in biological systems; synthesis and characterization of metal chelates with unique structural features, stereochemistry, optical activity and electronic properties. His work revealed half-life’s DDT as much shorter in the Tropics than in the Temperate zones (3 months versus 10 years). He was Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the College of Biological and Physical Science at the University of Nairobi. He has been Senate Member Coordinator of Project Investment with the Ministry of Education, Chemistry Committee Coordinator for South and East Africa Chemistry Environment Network of the Association of Science Faculties of African Universities and Kenya Executive Board Representative at UNESCO. He served as Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chairman Organizing Committee for the second international chemistry conference in Africa. He is member of the World Conference on Science International Organizing Committee and several others professional societies. He has 101 publications, national and international recognition and awards