Sreenivasan Katepalli R.

Sreenivasan Katepalli R. was elected as an AAS Fellow in 2006. As a fellow, Sreenivasan Katepalli R. contributes to the development of the Academy’s strategic direction through participation in AAS activities and governance structures. . This gears the Academys vision of transforming african lives through science.

Year elected
Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences

Prof Sreenivasan was educated in India (PhD in 1985), Australia (post-doctoral at University of Sydney 1975 – 1977), and USA (post-doctoral at Johns Hopkins University). He has a 22 year-teaching and research experience at Yale University (1978-1992 at the Department of Engineering and Applied Science) where he became Professor (1985). His research interests include fluid mechanics and turbulence, complex fluids, nonlinear and nonequilibrium phenomena and cryogenic helium. He has been Director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)of Italy and Director of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology at the University of Maryland. He has served as a member of the Centre for Computational  Ecology at Yale University and member of School of Mathematics Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton; Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department and Chairman of the Council of Engineering at Yale University. He has also served as Editorial Board member of the American Scientist and of the Proceeding of the Indian Academy of Science series C (sadhana), member of the Advisory Board of Springer Book Series on Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, Editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is a member of TWAS, American Academy of Arts and Science, Indian Academy of Science and several other professional societies. He has national, regional and international awards and recognitions and; has 200 publications (2005)