Kumwenda Newton Isaac

Kumwenda Newton Isaac was elected as an AAS Fellow in 2015. As a fellow, Kumwenda Newton Isaac contributes to the development of the Academy’s strategic direction through participation in AAS activities and governance structures. . This gears the Academys vision of transforming african lives through science.

Year elected
Medical & Health Sciences

Prof Kumwenda leads several successful studies; the PEPI-Malawi study was one of the first to establish that post-exposure chemoprophylaxis reduces risk of HIV acquisition. He also led the first HIV-1 phase I vaccine trial in Malawi in 2003 and the multicenter Phase III trial to evaluate the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV-1 in serodiscordant couples (HPTN052). Prof Kumwenda established a state-of-the-art research laboratory and center in Blantyre with a team of 15 research staff only in 1996 to a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 in 2006. He also led the development of the research capacity centres to meet international standards for good clinical practice for clinical trials. He has more than 80 scientific publications  and has supervised more than 20 postgraduate students along with being involved in many capacity development programmes including being the first Director of as the wellcome Trust funded Southern Africa consortium for Research excellence (SACORE) Prof Kumwenda is a member of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) and has been a member of the IEA Councilor for Member: International AIDS Society (IAS).