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Miora Ramanakoto

Affiliateship: 2020-2024

Cohort 5

Country (Nationality)



Agricultural & Nutritional Sciences


Dr Miora Ramanakoto is a post-doctoral researcher at the Forestry and Environment Department, School of Agronomy (ESSA), Antananarivo University, Madagascar. Her main
research field is Wood Sciences and Technology. She is actually working on the determination and implementation of best practice techniques for future wood identification analysis. She is also
helping in the coordination of a protected area in south-west Madagascar, and contributes to the development of the research activities in the protected site, in collaboration with
local communities, as she is also very interested in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. Her PhD research focused on the characterization of wood machined surfaces for
optimal finishing and bonding performances. She also investigated the preferences of consumers in wood attributes such as surface, physical and aesthetical characteristics in order to optimize
production processes and for a better valorization of forest resources.

She has published several research works in international journals and has reviewed papers for the Annals of Forest Science journal. She is currently leading a professional licence degree in Wood Production and Construction at ESSA. She teaches courses about Wood Use in the Agri-food Sector, management of production, and production processes. Dr Miora Ramanakoto would like to share knowledge and experiences to the future generation of young researchers. She wants to influence young Malagasy people that scientific research is one of the key tools for the development of a country, and especially to contribute to the Academy’s vision of transformed lives through science in Africa.