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Kolapo Oyebola

Affiliateship: 2020-2024

Cohort 5

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Dr Kolapo Oyebola completed his PhD in 2016. His research on malaria genetics won the overall best PhD thesis at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He won a competitive postdoctoral fellowship funded by WACCBIP Wellcome Trust-DELTAS. Dr Oyebola was involved in the first fine-scale genomic mapping of malaria parasites in Africa. He is a faculty member of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is also currently a postdoctoral researcher at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the US National Institutes of Health, where he currently investigates sickle cell genetics among Americans of African descent. In addition, he applies genetic tools to detect mutations associated with blood cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Dr Oyebola also spends some time as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research. He is a member of the African Society of Human genetics, American Society of Human Genetics and International Society of Infectious Diseases.