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Beira Meressa

Affiliateship: 2019-2023

Cohort 4

Country (Nationality)



Agricultural & Nutritional Sciences


Dr Meressa obtained his PhD in 2014 from the University of Bonn (Germany); then joined the Department of Horticulture and Plant Sciences of the Jimma University (Ethiopia) and got the rank of Assistant Professor in June 2015. 

His research interests include detection of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with agricultural crops; systematics of nematodes; plant-nematode interaction; biology and epidemiology of plant-parasitic nematodes; biological control of plant-parasitic nematodes He is now heading the Postgraduate programs coordination office of the Department of Horticulture and Plant Sciences and leading the plant protection case team in the department. He has served as a board member of the Alumni- Network Sub Sahara Africa; He is a member of the Executive Committee of Ethiopian Society of Microbiology, Ethiopian Horticultural Science Society. He is the managing editor of the Ethiopian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, and a Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Plant-Microbe Interactions. 

He has published a significant number of peer-reviewed scientific articles in international journals. He has also co-authored a chapter “Nematodes parasites of vegetables” in the 2018 edition of the standard reference book “Plant parasitic nematodes in subtropical and tropical agriculture”