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GC Historical Timeline

We recognise excellence through the election of Fellows and Affiliates and science prizes to honour outstanding scientists

One of the core mandates of The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) is to recognise excellence and it does this is by electing scholars who have excelled in their fields of expertise as its members. The AAS Fellowship comprises individuals who have reached the highest level of excellence in their field of expertise and have made contributions to the advancement of the field on the African continent. Fellows of The AAS are elected based on their achievements that include their publication record, innovations, leadership roles and contribution to society. Election into The AAS Fellowship is done through a rigorous review process.

The General Assembly consists of all Fellows of the African Academy of Sciences (FAAS). The General Assembly is the highest and ultimate decision-making governance organ of the Academy to which the Governing Council (GC) is responsible. It appoints the GC, oversees election of Fellows and approves long-term plans of the Academy. The GC is the policy and stewardship organ set up by the General Assembly to provide oversight for the overall functioning of the Academy.

Below is a highlight of the AAS GC in the last four decades: