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Led by Grace Mwashigadi & Anna Brown

Country (Nationality)

Various Countries

Grantee Title

Project Title: A Competencies Tool Kit for Research Managers and Administrators

Grantee Description

Research Managers and Administrators play an important role in facilitating global health research. There is however a significant gap in their professional development to meet the demands of the dynamic research environment. Limited training and collaboration opportunities impacts their professional development and career trajectory. Tailored capacity building and structured collaboration opportunities are needed to address this gap. This joint project aims to develop a competencies tool-kit using a human centred design approach in the respective institutions. The team will work collaboratively, exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practice to put together information and resources for selected competencies and provide guidance on pathways to acquire the recommended competencies. The tool-kit will be a resourceful reference and learning source for research managers and administrators to find information on various competencies that are needed to be an effective manager.