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Led by Grace McConnell & Thokozile Mashaah

Country (Nationality)

Various Countries

Grantee Title

Project Title: Improving pre-award tracking and collaboration: the language of research development

Grantee Description

The purpose of this project is to encourage and improve the shared language, process and resource use of pre-award services between UK and Zimbabwean institutions to ensure that our dialogues are more equitable, effective, and efficient. Language is a foundation for effective communication so our project will develop a matrix of pre-award terminology, best practice guidance for implementing monitoring of pre-award terms and the recommendations on software to undertake these activities. It will allow institutions to better engage other research offices for ongoing research applications and encourage stronger relationships between research managers. Having knowledge of applications within and across Zimbabwean universities and their devolved units will allow managers to make connections between potential collaborators and communicate them easily with UK partners. In delivering this project, our team will engage with UK and Zimbabwean universities, research management associations and funders to connect the language of research development across our networks.