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AESA Governance

Shifting the centre of gravity for African science to Africa

AESA Governance

AESA Governance comprises the:

AESA Partners Group comprises of the representatives of the founder funders, a member of the AAS governing council, an AUDA-NEPAD representative and the AESA Director. Its role is to provide strategy leadership, policy guidance, approve AESA programmes and to monitor and approve financial aspects relating to the audit and the monitoring and evaluation of AESA.

Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISSAB)

Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISSAB) consists of nine members who are scientific and business leaders who provide advice regarding the progress of the AESA’s scientific direction, strategy, operations and mission to the Director of AESA and the funding partners on an ad hoc basis. The ISSAB also evaluates AESA’s activities, specifically the initiative’s contribution to scientific research capacity development in Africa and to shaping Africa’s science strategies.

AESA Management Team

AESA Management Team is headed by Thomas Kariuki. Its role is to oversee and implement AESA’s programmes and operations.

AESA Scope

AESA is a funding and agenda setting platform seeking to address Africa’s health and developmental challenges by promoting the development of Africa’s research leadership, scientific excellence and innovation. AESA is focused on supporting people, places, and programmes, which translates to supporting the best minds in Africa, working in conducive research environments, to implement programmes that produce quality and relevant data, and innovations that have the potential to impact health and developmental challenges on the continent and globally. AESA also functions to set, align and ensure an Africa-led, Africa-centred, and Africa-relevant science agenda for the continent. AESA supports initiatives in all areas of science, relevant to Africa and the AAS’s five strategic focus areas of technology and innovation areas of focus.

The funding platform does this by:

Developing and implementing programmes to accelarate scientific excellence, leadership and innovation

Funding and managing entire grant cycles to support scientific programmes being implemented in partnership with pan African and international organisations

Providing support to the scientific community through a range of capacity building activities that include workshops and mentorship programmes to develop their ideas and careers, community engagement for a participatory approach to research and publishing.

Setting and aligning the science agenda for the African continent

Building world class environments that adhere research management and financial governance standards.

Developing strategies and mobilising resources that will catalyse the development and implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation programmes in Africa.